Hi, I’m Pierre

I’m an entrepreneur specialised in early stage web startups.
Formerly Head of Product at Pollenizer.

I’m a French entrepreneur who started his first venture fresh out of high school – at a time where Internet access came in the mail – and I haven’t stopped since!

While graduating from my Masters of IT I decided to move to Australia and started to work for a couple of Sydney based startups. One thing led to another and in 2008 I was fortunate enough to join Mick, Phil and Jon in the very first days of Pollenizer.

I've then spent 5 years working at Pollenizer with a team of fantastic people and together we’ve built Australia’s first and biggest web incubator. Over the years we've helped grow more than a hundred startups and we've co-founded about 30 businesses. We've had more failures than I can count... and we learned from them, conceptualised what is now known as the "Startup Science" and wrote a book to share our learnings. Thankfully we also had some successes! One of our ventures sold to Yahoo for AU$40M and 3 of our businesses are now profitable companies.

In 2013 it was time for me to move on (while remaining an investor in Pollenizer Holdings and Pollenizer Global) and I moved back to France to enjoy the tranquility of life in the heart of wine country.